How do I monitor my usage?

Our customers will receive mobile text notifications when you near 50%, 85% & 100% of your usage allowance.

What happens if I reach my download limit?

If you exceed your data quota your speed will be ‘shaped’ and the speed reduced to 256K. The speed will return to normal once the quota resets on the 1st of the following month. Customers have the option of purchasing a data pack or upgrading to a higher data allowance plan to cater to your usage requirements.

What is connection speed?

A connection speed refers to how quickly your internet connection can send and receive data over the internet. Ready Net Go offers a range of plans to cater for your speed requirements.

What does typical peak speed mean?

The typical peak speed is the period between 7pm – 11pm each day that customers are using their internet services the most. This increase in usage can mean that the speed of your internet connection can be affected.

What affects the speed of my internet connection?

Factors that can affect the speed of your internet connection depend on your type of plan, the NBN infrastructure at your property, the quality and configuration of your soft wear or hardware, interference to the WiFi signal, connection by Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet cable, multiple users and devices connected to the internet service and the time of day your service is being used (decreased speeds can occur during typical peak times).

What exactly is the NBN™ network?

The national communications network is built on behalf of the federal government and is designed to upgrade Australia’s existing, aging copper network. The NBN™ is designed to support a growing demand for access to fast and more reliable internet connection than currently available using copper wires.

How do I get connected to the NBN?

To check if your address is NBN™ enabled you can visit

Alternately ask our friendly customer service team if your address is NBN ready, if your property is NBN™ enabled we can arrange for your connection.

Can I connect my service to all my devices?

Once you have your internet connected with us, you can connect your compatible devices via your own WiFi network.

What is the ‘New Development Fee’?

Effective 1 April 2016, a $300 ‘New Development fee’ is charged for all NBN broadband connections when:

  • The first connection at a premise is a newly developed area i.e. a suburb with no preexisting telco infrastructure.
  • The first connection at an established area that a developer has increased the dwellings on an existing plot of land.

This is a pass through charge, which is recovered by NBN™ for all new connections in Australia.

What are the penalties if I want to upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your current plan once a month at the cost of the plan you are upgrading to. Customers can downgrade the current plan at the first of the month (as they have already prepaid for the month) at no additional charge.

There are no penalties to upgrade or downgrade your internet service.

Is Technical Support free?

Yes – Ready Net Go technical support is available to all our customers. Located in a Melbourne based call centre and open:

Customer service: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 7:00pm on 1300 827 144.

Afterhours: Monday to Friday 7pm – 8:30am on 1300 827 166.

A message will be sent to our afterhours technical support, who will call you back within an hour.

Can I use my own modem?

Yes – you can bring your own modem; make sure that the modem you want to use is NBN™ ready. If you are unsure if your modem is ready, ask our friendly customer service representatives today, as your modem will need to be configured to enabled Ready Net Go.

Does Ready Net Go charge credit card processing fees?

Ready Net Go do not charge any additional credit card processing fees.

Does Ready Net Go charge any additional fees?

Ready Net Go do not charge any additional fees including, late payment fees.

How can I estimate my data usage?

Click here to estimate how much data you will need.